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Belgium / LUXM / Vielsalm

House Code: BE-6690-32
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Accommodation type:   Apartment
Maximum Persons:   4
Bedrooms:   1
Bathrooms:   1
Living Area:   28m2
A tasteful apartment (28 m) with a view over the lake or pyramid from the balcony, in the Les Doyards holiday village. From your apartment, you can easily get to Vielsalm town centre. In addition to all the activities on offer in the park and the surrounding area, you can also relax on the balcony, enjoying the view Ideal for a holiday with the children!
Sep 2020
ma di wo do vr za zo
Oct 2020
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Nov 2020
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Dec 2020
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Arrival Date 28 September 2020
Departure Date 3 October 2020
€ 201
Ground floor   Living room ,  layout.Kitchenette ,  bedroom ,  bathroom , 
bedroom   single bed , 
Living room   double sofa bed ,  layout.TV ,  balcony , 
bathroom   shower ,  washbasin ,  toilet , 
Visiting address 6690
Les Doyards 3
50.28, 5.91
6.3 Completed Surveys: 22
  • Mr Gerrit Wagenaar

    Date of stay



    Booked because everything would be within walking distance, but if the whole village is extinct and everything is empty, there is little to walk a beautiful lake in the pictures pedalos, but there were none that could only be fished in the lake a pyramid that was also empty only a reception no cafeteria as the signs mention no drink ice cream nothing then you are stopped with a dog in the upper house luckily we could walk through the main road and the dog did not have to walk stairs we sat among the Hungarian workers who s mornings at five o'clock take a shower really a holiday feeling cottage was very dated sofa bed has already died for years go lie on it yourself or sit down no We have had a rotten vacation you work a whole year for never again

  • Mr Cees Peereboom

    Date of stay



    Environment was very nice a lot of walking route walked forest environment.

  • Mr TFC Sluijs

    Date of stay



    Neatly helped and offered a very correct solution in the case of a gap.

  • Ms Lotte Kortenhoff

    Date of stay



    Upon arrival at the holiday park we could go to check in earlier. We were 2 and had to have an apartment but because they were renovated we got a house for the same price. We also had to pay € 100, - euro deposit (we were already aware of this). We would get back this 30 days after our stay. Upon entering the house we noticed that it smelled awful and that everything (the floors, the tables, the cutlery, etc.) was very sticky. We also saw that there was a lot of vermin in the house ran.Verder there was much piece and dirty the kettle and the coffee machine were black inside, the shower was full of hair and was thus blocked, the air grille in the door of the toilet was half out, holes everywhere in the doors and the tables, next to the bed the wall was moldy and there were wine gum candies between the furniture. When we reported on day 2 that the house was dirty and everything stuck the cleaners came home to clean again. However, I noticed that they used a dirty cloth to mop (this cloth had fallen on the floor outside) and that this cloth was knocked out in the house afterwards. One of the cleaners also removed the stuck sweets that were stuck in the chair with a spoon from the cutlery drawer and put them back unwashed in the drawer. They have not emptied the floor drain of the shower. Because of the dirty contents we have bought pans, cutlery, plates, cups and etc. ourselves. We also had our own quilt, pillows, bed sheets and kettle.For departure, we ourselves cleaned the cottage and we think it is not reasonable that we have to pay € 35, - euro cleaning costs.When checking out of our stay we got the half of the deposit back immediately. When we asked why we only got half of them, she told us that the other half was for the energy costs. Not neat that this was not mentioned in advance. Also came

  • Ms mir kuijf

    Date of stay



    environment is fine.accomodation is a bit outdated.

  • Mr Jon Harms

    Date of stay



    Beautiful surroundings. Accommodation is very outdated. Upon entering strong stench in apartment. Let all faucets run for a while. At the end of the second day, stench was as good as gone.

  • Ms Romina Vanwinkelen

    Date of stay



    Park was beautiful, app far too small

  • Mr Leon Bijl

    Date of stay



    The arrival times with our paper did not match. Bellvilla indicated between 1600 and 1900 arrival. The front desk was there from 1400-1800. Towels can not be rented via Belvilla, but it should have been done on the spot. The accommodation we found was very poorly maintained and cramped (pushing table to fold out your sofa bed). The surroundings were very good. Everything is a short drive away. A big fun playground opposite the apartment for the children (which was very well maintained).

  • Mr joseph buelinckx

    Date of stay



    The surrounding area was beautiful reception friendly but the accommodation could use a refurbishment also the park around it could use a refurbishment

  • Mr Christiaan Punt

    Date of stay



    Quiet complex. Something dated. Excellent for a few days in between.

  • Ms Heidi Van der Keilen

    Date of stay



    Beautiful surroundings, clear instructions for arrivals after closing reception, accommodation old fashioned and very tight for 4 people + pet

  • Mr Robert Denis

    Date of stay



    We were very well received at the "Home with effective explanation! The" accommodation was comfortable despite some furniture pieces to repair (cabinets closure, plaster walls will crack and fall into the living room) and some paint to freshen everything. We also struggled at the shower the Power button is very hard and it takes a constant reminder that this button to operate the shower two or three minutes without s "stop ... The surroundings were correct.

  • Ms L Moonen

    Date of stay



    Good and beautiful surroundings but apartment was old and poorly cleaned definitely need refurbishment. DVD did not work. Pedalo broken sockets from year 0. Sofa dirty and it was small.

  • Ms Linda Verreth

    Date of stay



    lucky that the weather was otherwise a disaster, we had expected more

  • Ms annemiek helmond van

    Date of stay



    We have been a weekend to Les Doyards. On arrival the house very cold. The elktriciteit is sealed and this you must connect itself. We arrived in the dark, so this was not an easy job. In addition, the shower is so super cold. The shower has a push button with which he 30sec. to go. The cottage was small, there was no warm lighting and it was not possible to stay here with 4persons. However, we did have booked a four person cottage. The area was quite nice. A lovely water where you can also paddle boats. The village with some restaurants within walking distance. All in all it was an okay stay, but overpriced for the quality delivered.

  • Mr Eric Seldenrijk

    Date of stay



    Apartment is tatty, dirty. Broken things. Bench full of stains. Too dirty to sit on. Shower is terrible.

  • Mr Johan Bruning

    Date of stay



    Small house, soberly decorated, and humid (at least in winter) .But the location is perfect, in the High Ardennes. For those dependent on public transport, the train stops as well as the door, and the town of Vielsalm you walk in for shopping edVoor us - Marshall age, walkers - great fit.

  • Mr l.h lam

    Date of stay



    The cottage was small and clearly has a thorough revamp, we sat in type A on the ground floor without balcony cabin and it was cold and wet but in a beautiful setting with lovely walking paths from the park so that is a plus also dutch speaking reception staff is great.

  • Ms N. Groenestein

    Date of stay



    Had a very nice weekend day went to Plopsaland coo and a day exploring the area.

  • Mr D.T Driege

    Date of stay



    It was great to go for some snow. To a few friends We had everything we needed, the accommodation was small but big enough for us.The only thing that really bothered that it was huge huge damp, if you cooked (with hood at maximum) than the walls were immediately wet vapor you boiling water. The ceiling was soaked and the drops fell down just after you shower was.Dat really was not healthy.

  • Ms Hellen Heijne

    Date of stay



    In itself, this location is perfect for nature lovers and / or vissers.Voor children over 12 years this location is totally unsuitable, there is nothing to do in the wide omgeving.De place for them Vielsalm has little to offer qual hospitality or sightseeing. Nature is prachtig.De prices of supermarkets are well above Dutch level and restaurant prices are ongeveeer vergelijkbaar.De Rentals are geschkt for half the number of people they offered worden.De old apartments are suitable for 4 people for 2 but already very limited to three people. Takes this into account. The new waterside apartments look bigger, but I have no inside gezien.Leuk for older people or nature lovers or those with very young children and enough money each day to do something else and somewhere to go. After two days you have been looking at the immediate vicinity.

  • Mr K A Ginda

    Date of stay



    Excelent acommodation, friendly personel, lovely area for walking and resting. There wasn't my last time there!!!